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Additional information about our courses can be received by contacting Sterile Concepts Technology by Tele[hone: 1800-738-2901 or by sending an email to info@sctservice.com  or by going to our  "Contact Page" and filling out the registration form.  You can also reach the program head by emailing jowilkins@sctservice.com.  We are the BEST at educating and preparing our enrollees for successful completion of the courses and obtaining their certification.  Enrollment is available to ALL qualifying personnel.  Classes are forming now and are done traditionally and virtually.   Let us know how we can assist you with your educational endeavors and embarking in an awesome career. 



Sterile Concepts Technology provides Consultations to prepoare Healthcare facilities with the education to keep up with the Latest Industry Standards and Regulations.  Our recommendations are following the guidelines from the following agencies;  AAMI/ANSI. AORN, SGNA, HSPA, Joint Commission, and FDA.  Our asessments are comprehensive and directly applicable to get the necessary changes for optimal results if followed.  



Sterile Processing In-Services

Joint Commission Mock Surveys

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Please review the information above to verify what information best suits the needs for your Healthcare facility.  Weare available to assisit you in your endeavor for compliance.