About Us   "Who We Are"



WE ARE:  A Healthcare Consulting and Education Firm that specializizes in getting the very Best from Enrollees and Helathcare Organizations looking to optimize patient care.


WE ARE:  A leading Healthcare Consultant that has been instrumental in giving the data verified and proven metrics to put Healthcare professionals at the advantage to know how to perform Best Practices in their profession.


WE ARE:  A Teaching community that prepares indiviuals with Great educational opportunites that allows them to excel and become instrumental Team Members and Leaders in the healthcare profession.  


WE ARE:  A loacl Firm that relishes all opporttunities to mentor new professionals to be transctional and transformational leaders.  Understanding how the opportunity to provide service and encourage future leaders to be great in healthcare.


WE ARE: Interactive and engaging Firm that has been establixhed for over fifteen years with a successfu and a proven track record for best outcomes.  Sterile Concepts Technology is where Education and Professionalism brings Healthcare Excellence!!


Allow SCT to help you reach your goals through Education, Certification and Joint Commission Readiness.





About The CEO

Mr. Jeffrey O. Wilkins